BAM, Fall Bronze Class 2015

BAM, Fall Bronze Class 2015

Audio Files Bronze Class Samba Demonstration

BAM, Fall Newcomer Class 2015

Audio Files Newcomer Class

Charlotte Workshops: Foxtrot and Rumba

IDB 2015: Standard and Smooth Exercises

 Download the Notes Solo Exercises Neck/Body Isolation Turn body without turning the head or feet Swivel the feet and head […]

IDB 2015: The Ten Biggest Obstacles to Achieving Excellence for Standard/Smooth Dancers

Download the Notes DWI (Dancing While Ignorant): Ignorance is the cause of almost all of the other greatest obstacles. Ignorance […]

IDB 2015: The Twenty Worst Faults of Latin/Rhythm Dancers

Download the Notes Posture and Poise: Use dynamic posture. Anticipate each movement posturally. Lack of clarity with timing, especially rushing: […]

IDB 2015: Emergency Floorcraft: Essential Dodgers

Download the Notes Broader, Artistic and Competitive Definition of Floorcraft “Choreography” is etymologically related to “calligraphy” and means “dance writing.” […]

IDB 2015: Keys to Successful Practice: Making the Most of Your Practice Time

Download the Notes Great dancing is the result of great lessons and great practices. The teacher controls the lesson, but […]

IDB 2015: What Standard/Smooth Dancers Should Have Learned at Syllabus Level

Download the Notes The syllabus is an encyclopedic repertoire of figures, actions, concepts and vocabulary with each figure contributing to […]

IDB 2015: The Twenty Worst Faults of Standard/Smooth Dancers

 Download the Notes Posture and poise Rushing the music, especially closing the feet too quickly Clarity of intention with timing […]